What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is Simple

Your ability to experience LIFE is far greater than anyone has ever led you to believe. You were born with 100% potential. We feel you deserve to express it. Expressing full life and health is your birthright; don’t let anyone or anything lead you to believe otherwise.

There are many things that prevent you from expressing your full potential. Chiropractic is concerned with one of the most important, overlooked and misunderstood ones. SUBLUXATION. Subluxation interferes with your body’s ability to adapt to its environment, to life’s stressors. A body that is unable to adapt, reacts.

Imagine who and what you could be if this interference were removed and the potential inside of you were unleashed. Imagine what the world would look like if we all had the chance to express this potential.

Our practice is allowing people to do this every single day. It has transformed the lives of our members, and it can transform yours too. Our practice is designed to make regular Chiropractic care simple, easy and affordable.

Our practice members enjoy unlimited chiropractic care with monthly memberships. Once you become a member appointments are never necessary and visits typically take less than 5 minutes. Whether it’s just for you, or for your entire family, we have a plan that fits your needs.

The opportunity is YOURS; don’t let it pass you by.

What does my spine have to do with my health?

Everything! Your spine surrounds and protects your spinal cord and nerves. Your spinal cord and nerves control your organs, muscles, immune system and your body’s natural, inborn ability to heal itself. It’s a BIG DEAL.

Your ability to live fully and and express your potential for life and healing relies on the condition of your spine and nervous system. An optimally functioning spine is the PRIMARY FACTOR in determining whether your body is producing health (optimum physical, mental and social well-being) or allowing dis-ease to set in.

Your Chiropractor’s sole objective is to remove interference to your nervous system which will optimize your nerve function. Optimal nerve function results in optimal organ, muscle and immune function. That way every healthy choice you make has a profound and lasting impact.

Misalignment of the bones of the spine, called SUBLUXATION, interferes with the ability of your body to function properly. This lack of coordination, harmony and function results in less than perfect function. As a result, your INNATE ability to express health and vitality is diminished.

If you DESIRE to live to your full potential, express health and vitality, and experience all that LIFE has to offer you, then this practice is where YOU should be.