Got to get healthy for these amazing kids

After 5 or 6 minutes on the elliptical my hands used to go numb.  I’ve been to chiropractors before so I knew the benefit, but with a $60 per visit copay the therapy just wasn’t an option.  Until I found Eddie that is.  He’s a great guy and puts you immediately at ease and his monthly membership was just what I needed.  I wish more professionals would have a similar approach with fees and with care.  He immediately diagnosed the numbness as issues with my neck and upper back and went to work making the corrections necessary.  After a few weeks of treatment I can now go almost 30 minutes without issue and my back feels better than it has in years.  I love the convenience of stopping by whenever I feel out of whack and I now take my kids there on occasion too.  I can’t recommend Eddie highly enough.

-Sean B.

Tattoos and Chiropractic 

Tennessee’s award winning tattoo artist Jon Goad has this to say about Alignment Chiropractic:

 “Honestly it has been one of the best decisions of my life.  I feel better and my neck and back which are always in some crazy unnatural positions everyday don’t bother me as bad and my health has improved!  It’s so affordable and you can go as much as you want to go for one low monthly price and not outrageous fees for each visit! Check him out!”  – Jon Goad

Nurses Love Alignment Chiropractic Too

Registered Nurse Anne Knighton says this about her experience at Alignment Chiropractic:

“I have noticed a difference and seen an improvement in my own body and overall wellness as well as that of my children after regular Chiropractic adjustments. I wouldn’t trust anyone but Dr. Eddy with my two greatest gifts from God…my little girls.”- Anne Knighton