Frequently Asked Question

Q. Does Chiropractic Care cure chronic low back pain?

A. This is the question I get asked the most by far. Either by my new practice members or by someone I see outside of the office that knows I’m a chiropractor. The answer, which is ABSOLUTELY NOT usually takes them by surprise. Most people are familiar with some of the chiropractic ads in newspapers claiming to be a one stop shop for ALL your conditions and ailments but the truth of the matter is that Chiropractic Care doesn’t “cure” anything! Now its true that some conditions do in fact improve and pain is sometimes relieved after a chiropractic adjustment but conditions and pain are never a good reason to see a chiropractor and this is why. The chiropractic adjustment simply removes pressure or stress off your central nervous system allowing the body to function and heal itself the way it was designed. When there is stress on the central nervous system the body simply cannot function at 100%. The messages from the brain that flow down the spinal cord and out to every cell within your body allowing you to express life to the fullest cannot reach their intended targets when stress is applied to the spinal cord in the form of a vertebral subluxation. What a chiropractor does is simply find these subluxation and remove them so the body can express life at 100%. Sometimes pain is removed, sometimes conditions are relieved but after EVERY ADJUSTMENT the body is HEALTHIER. Conditions may still exist, but the body is better able to deal with them when it is subluxation free.

What if I told you…

What if I told you...

What if I told you your body’s ability to heal itself was far greater than you were ever told or thought possible? What if I told you that the FDA has already recalled 16 drugs this year that were being marketed and sold to you to make you healthier or feel better? What if I told that dietary supplements enjoy the privilege of NOT needing FDA approval before being sold to you? Would you believe me? Would you care enough to follow the links below to learn more? If so please continue with me down the RABBIT HOLE. (sorry I couldn’t resist).
When your body is injured no matter how serious from a puncture wound to a simple paper cut your body naturally springs into action to begin the healing process. Using the nervous system the body sends various cells to the wounded area that are responsible for cleaning out infection, clotting and tissue repair. It’s true we can assist the healing process by cleaning the wound, applying Neosporin and a band-aid but the true healing takes place from within. In a healthy individual the body’s natural defenses are more than enough to handle most injuries on its own without any outside intervention. The central nervous system is a key component to the body’s natural defenses. The brain coordinates healing by sending signals down the spinal cord and out to the various cells responsible for the immune and healing response. This is why having a spinal column free of subluxations (interference or stress on the spinal cord caused by vertebra that have shifted position) is so important to living a healthy lifestyle. Subluxations can cause the immune response to be weakened or impaired leaving our bodies more susceptible to disease and infection. This is why regular chiropractic care is important. Chiropractors are trained to locate and correct these vertebral subluxations wherever they are found on the spine. By having your spine checked regularly for subluxations by a chiropractor you are ensuring that your body is as healthy as it can possibly be. Chiropractic doesn’t treat, cure or manage any type of disease and should never be used as a replacement for medical care. Chiropractic’s only responsibility is the removal of vertebral subluxation in order to insure that the body is functioning at 100% of its capability.
Have your spine checked by a licensed doctor of Chiropractic today! If you don’t have one contact this office and we will assist you in finding THE ONE in your area.

Growing up is hard to do!

Growing up is hard to do!

I get asked all the time WHY DO YOU ADJUST KIDS? They can’t be having aches and pains like adults, so WHY do you adjust them? The answer is growing up is hard to do! In the last three days I have seen my son roll himself off our bed, bounce off the bed, summersault off the couch and his grand finale was sliding across a wet bath room floor and hitting his head against the bath tub. All of these “accidents” or “traumas” if you will have the ability to cause the vertebra in his little spine to move out of their normal alignment with one another. When this happens it is called a subluxation and its not a good thing in anyone’s body especially that of a growing child. Subluxations cause stress to our nervous systems and keep the body from functioning at 100% of its ability. You see every action that takes place within your body is made possible because of your central nervous system, your brain and spinal cord. From basic body movement to the functioning of your lungs, digestive system and your immune system. Simply put Subluxations interfere with the brain’s ability to coordinate life!
This is why I adjust children! They deserve to express as much life through their little bodies as possible! I feel so strongly about this kids under the age of 15 get checked and adjusted for FREE at Alignment Chiropractic with the membership of a parent.

small simple adjustments improve lifeWe make adjustments everyday

small simple adjustments improve life

We make adjustments everyday of our lives. From the time we wake in the morning to the time we close our eyes at night to sleep we are constantly having to adjust different aspects of our lives to adapt. Depending on the East Tennessee weather we make adjustments to what we plan to wear that day in order to stay comfortable, whether that means warm, cool or dry is any one’s guess in this part of the world. Once we make it out of the house we sometimes have to adjust the route we take to work due to road construction or some other traffic concern. If you drive like me you constantly have to adjust your rate of speed so that you don’t grab the attention of traffic police who seem overly concerned about my safety and well-being. During the course of any day we have to make adjustment to our schedules. Sometimes events we have planned have to be cancelled and rescheduled because of unforeseen circumstances that arise. While all of these adjustments may at times frustrate us they are a necessary response to daily stresses and they keep us well, functional and safe.

There is another type of adjustment that is far more important and necessary in keeping us well and functional, it’s the specific Chiropractic adjustment to our spines. Have you ever heard the saying “you are as old as the health of your spine?” Well it’s true in more ways than one. The chiropractic adjustment is the only thing that can remove subluxations from our spines and allow us to live up to our potential. Subluxation is just a fancy word for stress or interference to our nervous system. This interference is caused when the vertebra shift and get stuck in a position that puts stress on the spinal cord and nerve roots. The presence of subluxations can decrease the normal function of any and/or all of our vital bodily organs WITHOUT CAUSING PAIN. Imagine tracing the nerve or group of nerves that are responsible for keeping your digestive system functioning and repairing itself. Now imagine severing those nerves. The digestive system couldn’t function normally and never would again. Now imagine tracing the same group of nerves and place something (vertebra) at their point of origin that would add pressure and stress them in a way that hinders or disrupts their functional output. This is how subluxations can affect our overall health and keep us from living up to our God given potential.

A doctor of Chiropractic will check your spine for these subluxations and if they are present he/she will make the necessary adjustments to the spine, correcting the subluxations and realigning the spine removing the stress or interference from the central nervous system.

Make a positive adjustment to your life, get checked by a chiropractor today!