I Am a Chiropractor

I Am a Chiropractor

I am a chiropractor. As a doctor of chiropractic there isn’t a condition known to man that I purposely treat. Not back pain, neck pain, headaches NOTHING. Treating conditions is the work of medicine and physical therapy, and they do a wonderful job managing said conditions, but I’m a chiropractor. I don’t claim to be able to “heal” the body, I respect the fact that the body is more than capable of healing itself under the right conditions. The only thing I claim to do is remove interference or stresses on the nervous system called subluxations, which inhibit the body’s ability to heal. Once these subluxations are removed the body is able to function more efficiently and in turn “heal” itself the way it was designed. This is the work of a chiropractor. Removing subluxations and watching the remarkable healing abilities of the body work.

If you’re anything like I was hearing this for the first time you are skeptical. I know I was. Before I tried chiropractic I didn’t believe it could work. I actually told my first chiropractor I didn’t believe in what he was doing. Thank goodness chiropractic doesn’t require “belief” for it to “work”. After my first adjustment I experienced firsthand how living without subluxations could enhance my life.

I like to use gravity as an analogy. You don’t have to believe in it in order to fall. It just simply is. The same universal principles govern chiropractic. Subluxations, sometimes called interference, pressure or stress inhibit the body’s ability to perform and function. Occasionally this pressure against the nervous system will cause pain but 100% of the time it will decrease the amount of LIFE expression the body can have.

The best thing about chiropractic is that it doesn’t take a single thing away from the body. Not one gland, organ or tissue is removed. Nor does it add anything to the body. All it does is correct subluxations, realigning the spine so the central nervous system can run the body.

It’s that simple folks.

Get checked by a chiropractor today and start living the life you were designed to have.