Garbage and Your Spine

Forgetting to take out the garbage one night is really never a big problem. You just get up the next morning and take care of it, no real harm is done. The garbage only becomes a real problem if it’s neglected day in and day out and there is always a relationship between what’s in the garbage and how quickly it starts to become a problem. If you’ve thrown away broccoli and cheese, pizza and God forbid if you’ve got little ones and there are diapers in the garbage that haven’t been thrown out! We all know too well if that stuff stays in the house too long or the dog gets into it we’ve got a mess that’s going to need a lot of attention to take care of.

    Taking care of your spine is much the same. The longer you wait, the longer you put off getting your spine checked the harder it is to take care of. We tend to ignore our spinal health unless we are in pain, then we usually turn to some over the counter drug for a while. When that doesn’t work and after we’ve exhausted all other options then and only then do we seek the help of a chiropractor and we usually expect an immediate fix. This is one way to handle the care of the spine, let me offer you a better one.

    A much better plan is seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis, so all the daily stresses we encounter can be taken care of before they start do lead to subluxations. Subluxations can set up in your spine leading to diseases like arthritis, degenerative joint disease and other forms musculoskeletal disease.

    So get on a schedule and take out your household garbage regularly and call a chiropractor and let them begin taking out the everyday stress garbage that builds up in your life.