Frequently Asked Question

Q. Does Chiropractic Care cure chronic low back pain?

A. This is the question I get asked the most by far. Either by my new practice members or by someone I see outside of the office that knows I’m a chiropractor. The answer, which is ABSOLUTELY NOT usually takes them by surprise. Most people are familiar with some of the chiropractic ads in newspapers claiming to be a one stop shop for ALL your conditions and ailments but the truth of the matter is that Chiropractic Care doesn’t “cure” anything! Now its true that some conditions do in fact improve and pain is sometimes relieved after a chiropractic adjustment but conditions and pain are never a good reason to see a chiropractor and this is why. The chiropractic adjustment simply removes pressure or stress off your central nervous system allowing the body to function and heal itself the way it was designed. When there is stress on the central nervous system the body simply cannot function at 100%. The messages from the brain that flow down the spinal cord and out to every cell within your body allowing you to express life to the fullest cannot reach their intended targets when stress is applied to the spinal cord in the form of a vertebral subluxation. What a chiropractor does is simply find these subluxation and remove them so the body can express life at 100%. Sometimes pain is removed, sometimes conditions are relieved but after EVERY ADJUSTMENT the body is HEALTHIER. Conditions may still exist, but the body is better able to deal with them when it is subluxation free.