Growing up is hard to do!

Growing up is hard to do!

I get asked all the time WHY DO YOU ADJUST KIDS? They can’t be having aches and pains like adults, so WHY do you adjust them? The answer is growing up is hard to do! In the last three days I have seen my son roll himself off our bed, bounce off the bed, summersault off the couch and his grand finale was sliding across a wet bath room floor and hitting his head against the bath tub. All of these “accidents” or “traumas” if you will have the ability to cause the vertebra in his little spine to move out of their normal alignment with one another. When this happens it is called a subluxation and its not a good thing in anyone’s body especially that of a growing child. Subluxations cause stress to our nervous systems and keep the body from functioning at 100% of its ability. You see every action that takes place within your body is made possible because of your central nervous system, your brain and spinal cord. From basic body movement to the functioning of your lungs, digestive system and your immune system. Simply put Subluxations interfere with the brain’s ability to coordinate life!
This is why I adjust children! They deserve to express as much life through their little bodies as possible! I feel so strongly about this kids under the age of 15 get checked and adjusted for FREE at Alignment Chiropractic with the membership of a parent.