small simple adjustments improve lifeWe make adjustments everyday

small simple adjustments improve life

We make adjustments everyday of our lives. From the time we wake in the morning to the time we close our eyes at night to sleep we are constantly having to adjust different aspects of our lives to adapt. Depending on the East Tennessee weather we make adjustments to what we plan to wear that day in order to stay comfortable, whether that means warm, cool or dry is any one’s guess in this part of the world. Once we make it out of the house we sometimes have to adjust the route we take to work due to road construction or some other traffic concern. If you drive like me you constantly have to adjust your rate of speed so that you don’t grab the attention of traffic police who seem overly concerned about my safety and well-being. During the course of any day we have to make adjustment to our schedules. Sometimes events we have planned have to be cancelled and rescheduled because of unforeseen circumstances that arise. While all of these adjustments may at times frustrate us they are a necessary response to daily stresses and they keep us well, functional and safe.

There is another type of adjustment that is far more important and necessary in keeping us well and functional, it’s the specific Chiropractic adjustment to our spines. Have you ever heard the saying “you are as old as the health of your spine?” Well it’s true in more ways than one. The chiropractic adjustment is the only thing that can remove subluxations from our spines and allow us to live up to our potential. Subluxation is just a fancy word for stress or interference to our nervous system. This interference is caused when the vertebra shift and get stuck in a position that puts stress on the spinal cord and nerve roots. The presence of subluxations can decrease the normal function of any and/or all of our vital bodily organs WITHOUT CAUSING PAIN. Imagine tracing the nerve or group of nerves that are responsible for keeping your digestive system functioning and repairing itself. Now imagine severing those nerves. The digestive system couldn’t function normally and never would again. Now imagine tracing the same group of nerves and place something (vertebra) at their point of origin that would add pressure and stress them in a way that hinders or disrupts their functional output. This is how subluxations can affect our overall health and keep us from living up to our God given potential.

A doctor of Chiropractic will check your spine for these subluxations and if they are present he/she will make the necessary adjustments to the spine, correcting the subluxations and realigning the spine removing the stress or interference from the central nervous system.

Make a positive adjustment to your life, get checked by a chiropractor today!